Meet David St. Pierre!!

David St. Pierre graduated from Broadripple High School quite a while ago. He then went on to the Herron Art Institute and majored in art & music. He’s had some of his art work displayed at Good Dog Hotel & Spa in the past, and below is a picture of one of his favorite art works that he painted.

David is a retired mortician but has always had a love for dogs. When he retired, he wanted to work with dogs and found out about Good Dog Hotel & Spa. He frequented the place several times, until he got to know one of the managers and got himself the job he always wanted.

David does the one-on-one’s at Good Dog. He comes to work EVERYDAY, rain or shine, 7 days a week, since he started working here in 2006. In his one-on-one room; David has toys, treats, and plays music for the dogs. He is quickly able to tell when a dog is nervous, scared, or anxious about being away from home. It comes as a natural gift to him to make sure the dogs feel comfortable, loved, and safe while they stay here at Good Dog.

The best thing about him, is that he loves each and every dog. Some have even compared him to the Dog Whisperer. Come in and meet David anytime!

Veronique Brown

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