Meet Cooper Baumgardner!!


My name is Cooper Baumgardner and everyone should know that my 1st birthday is coming up next month!!

I’m a handsome Sheppard Mix and my parents rescued me from an adoption event at Petsmart!! I now live with my Mom & Dad and my big sister Penny (she’s a very pretty Bull Mastiff) in the Broadripple area in Indianapolis.

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since I was a puppy! At first, my mom took me though some training with Adam Moos. He thought me some very important skills that every pup should know!

Now, I still train with Adam on a regular basis but my mom also brings me to daycare several times a week and I LOVE IT!! I get along with all of the dogs in daycare but Rocky, Tess & Snickers are my favorite!

Rocky is a Rottweiler mix, Tess is a mini Golden Doodle, and Snickers is a Sheppard mix; just like me!! Rocky & Snickers are both approximately my age and we’re the happiest pups in daycare!! Tess is a bit more mature, she’s 3 ½ years old. Shhhhhh….don’t tell anyone but I have a secret crush on her…. My favorite thing to do is following her around. I just like to see what she’s up to!! In my eyes, she’s an interesting pretty girl and I just like to look at her

As you can see in my pictures, I’m a very handsome young man! The staff at Good Dog thinks I am very sweet and some of the girls even think I’m cute!! One of their favorite things besides my great personality is my collar!! It’s blue with red toadstools on it!! Some of the employees just smile when they see me and my adorable collar

My sister and I also stay at Good Dog’s luxurious hotel on a regular basis when mom & dad go out of town! We enjoy our vacations here very much!!

That’s all for now! Come see me at daycare sometime!!

Article written by Veronique Brown

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