Chino & Latte!

Meet Chino & Latte!


I’m Chino, that’s short for Cappuccino, and this is my little sister, Latte! I’ve been coming to Good Dog for the last five years and am known to be quite the snuggler. Latte joined our family about three years ago, and is known to be the sassy one! She’s a Havanese just like me, and we love to go to grooming at Good Dog to fluff up our ‘do’s.

We also love playing in the daycare with the other puppies, but if there’s a nice, warm lap available, that’s where you’ll find us – we both can’t get enough love from people! We’ll even give you a toothy grin when you pick us up!

At the end of the day when we’re good and tired, we run straight into our doggie carriers that we ride home in. Just another day in the life of a Good Dog dog!

Article Written by Jenny Smith!

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