Meet Chester!

Meet Chester!

Hi! My name is Chester! I am an extremely handsome Wheaton! I am the newest member of Good Dog’s play group in Daycare! I do have to admit I am probably the sweetest Wheaton you will ever meet! The girls here have just melted at the sight of my sweet face! Of course you can tell that from my picture =) I play hard all day, but every now and then need to catch a couple Z’s to recharge my battery!

I’m a pretty neutral guy- I love to play with everyone, but I do have a Girlfriend here! Her name is Kora and she is a beautiful Boxer/Shepard Mix! She is the best! You can always see us wrestling and playing together! Well, I think that’s all for now- I’m sure you’ll catch me around Daycare! Boy do I love this place!!

Article Written by Katie Dietzel

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