Meet Charly!!

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Charly Harmeson!

I’m a very beautiful 3 year old blue & white Pit-Bull-Lady!

You could say I’ve had a rough past, but as you know, Pitties are known to bounce back from bad situations and I’m one of them!!

My mommy found me at a shelter with all 9 of my puppies!!! The people at the shelter told her that I was found in a bad situation and that they saved me and my puppies!! All my puppies and I were lucky enough to find good homes!!! I can say for sure that I’m very thankful my mommy found me!! I’ve been living with her since March and live has been wonderful for me!!!

This past weekend was my very first visit at Good Dog Hotel & Spa and I LOVED IT!!!!

I was lucky enough to stay in their luxurious hotel and I also played in daycare with all my new friends!

The hotel-staff said that I was very polite and one of the best behaved guests they had ever had!! I didn’t make any messes in my room, I ate all my food, they said I was very polite, and I was just very happy to be here!!

The staff in daycare also gave me A’s on everything! They said I was very sweet to all the doggies from the start!! I felt comfortable right away and the employees in daycare LOVED ME TOO!!! They say I am a fun, interactive, and very playful pup and that I caused no trouble at all!!!

I had such a wonderful time!!! I hope my mommy will bring me back soon! I have some new friends that I’d really like to play with again!
That’s all for now!
See you guys around!!

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