Meet Brutus Truitt!!

Hi! My name is Brutus!!

I’m a very handsome American Bulldog and I’m almost 5 years old!

My first owner surrendered me to my mom & dad. My parents adopted me when I was almost a year old and I’m super happy living with them! I have three human siblings too! Jack is 10 years old, Gavin is 6 years old and Gracie’s birthday is today, she’s is two!!! I LOVE playing with them more than anything in the world!! I let them climb all over me; I’m kind of like their jungle gym!! My parents say I’m the gentlest dog ever and that I’m a great baby sitter for my brothers & sister!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since Thanksgiving of 2007. I visit here on a regular basis for a luxurious hotel stay when my family goes out of town. I love the hotel staff and everyone here loves me too!!

My favorite thing to do at Good Dog, is playing in daycare. All the staff members from daycare know that I am a very good boy!! Even if sometimes I’m naughty, they know that I always mean well and that I’m just a giant lover!!

As you can see in my pictures, I’m very photogenic!! I will do almost anything for a treat!! I will pose pretty, I will sit, and lay down too!! But if it takes too long to get my treat I will pout… See picture below…

Lately, I’ve been coming to daycare almost every day because my parents are getting work done on our house!! I LOVE playing in the big area with the big dogs! I have many friends, but my two best buddies are Oliver and Frankie. Oliver is a Great White Pyrenees and Frankie is a Doberman. The three of us are very popular boys and I’m convinced that the girls think we are handsome!! Talking about girls, there’s this girl that I really like… Her name is Millie and she’s a Black Golden Doodle. She’s just so pretty and sweet and she LOVES to play with me too!!

That’s all for now!!
Come see me in daycare soon!!

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