Meet Bigsby Jones!!!

My name is Bigsby!!!

My full name is Bigsby Jones (Yes, I have my own personal last name)!
I’m the newest member of Good Dog’s family!!!
I’m still a baby; I just turned 3 months old!!! I’m ¾ Pug & ¼ Pekingese!! Basically, an amazing concoction of super-cuteness with a tiny bit of feistiness!!

The pictures above are from the first days I can remember being at Good Dog, helping my mommy at work. I don’t know if you’ve seen me at “The Front Desk”, but if you did you probably remember how adorable I am!!

My mommy says I’m named after a guitar accessory that’s for Vibrato, sounds pretty cool huh? I like my name; I think, even though I’m still a baby, I’m a true rock star at heart and that I definitely represent the “BIG” in BIGSBY!!

Although, I’m not quite old enough to play in daycare with the other dogs, I have already managed to make some good friends here at Good Dog. My favorite new friend is Millie. She’s a 40lbs black Golden Doodle and I LOVE HER!!! She’s so gentle with me and considering I only weigh 5lbs, in my eyes, Millie is my favorite “Gentle Giant”!

Below are some pictures of my first photo-shoot. This is my personal “Fall-Album”. I’m thinking about becoming a professional model when I grow up…Everyone says I’m a great poser and as you can see I’m super gorgeous and just too cute for words!!

I’ve also learned several tricks already! I know how to “sit”, I’m learning how to “lay down”, and my favorite trick of all is “shake”. Everyone says I look extremely charming when I shake my tiny paw!

In my spare time, I like to watch the show “Angel”. I love the music and I can sit and stare at that show for hours!! The show is about vampires and I think they are super-cool!!

Okay, well that’s all for now. I might be taking a nap here soon! Come visit me at Good Dog Hotel & Spa, I’m very friendly and I love to meet new people and dogs!!

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