Marlowe Boomhower!

Meet Marlowe!!


My name is Marlowe and I am an English Setter Mix. I am a little over five years old and I have been coming to Good Dog Hotel and Spa for over three years.

I usually come to Good Dog for Daycare but I enjoy a Hotel-stay every once in a while and a Grooming too. I must say I’m a real lady. I like to play with the other dogs in daycare, mostly my lady-friends. Yes, I’ll admit it I can be a diva at times. Well, if you look at my picture you understand why. I am, after all, one of the most beautiful ladies at Good Dog. When I’m not playing with my lady-friends in daycare, my favorite thing to do is observe. Sometimes I like to sit in a quiet place and examine other dogs’ behavior. I like to watch them play and be silly. The most fun thing for me while visiting Good Dog is cuddling with a staff-member. Sometimes one of the nice people that work there will sit on the floor and we will just have a big cuddle-fest. I always make sure I am right next to the person’s arm so I can not only cuddle, but also get endless scratching and petting!

One more important thing you need to know about me is where my name comes from. Some of you might wonder… Marlowe is an unusual name! Well, my father once told me he likes this TV-show called “That Girl”. This show aired from 1966-1971. I know that’s a very long time ago, but my dad likes old stuff!! The main character in “That Girl” is Marlo Thomas. She is a very pretty lady, just like me!!!

Well, that’s all for now. If you would like to meet me sometime, come and see me at Good Dog! I love meeting new people and I love being told how pretty and sweet I am! Have a nice day!!!

Article Written By Veronique Brown

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