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What could be better than the Humane Society of Indianapolis? Their vision: All animals are treated with respect and dignity and live free from cruelty, harm and neglect. The Humane Society has been helping families since 1905, which makes them the first choice in providing direct services for cats and dogs. The Humane Society brings people together to educate them about animal welfare issues and concerns. They provide some extremely vital services to help animals in need. They are a private, non-profit organization that is supported by our contributions, grants, bequests, investments, adoption fees and other fees for service. That is why they need our help, especially now!

Right now, the Indianapolis Humane Society is so flooded with hundreds of unwanted cats and dogs that they are cutting us a deal until the end of June! Any animal, One year or older, that you would like to adopt will be 50% off the regular adoption fee! There are currently over 500 animals at the Humane Society that are in need of a new, loving family! So, get the word out! Have a friend looking for a new dog? Go visit the Indianapolis Humane Society today, and see if you fall in love. The Humane Society doesn’t put any dogs down for space or time, and in addition to helping families who can no longer keep their pets, they take in animals from other shelters who euthanize for these reasons. They are now at capacity for both their shelter and their foster homes! That is where we can step in and help! All adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, the first round of vaccines, and a 30 day Pet Insurance.

If your home is already full, then please help spread the word by encouraging friends and family to adopt while they are having this special offer. You can also make a donation to help them care for animals with special needs and help support their ongoing efforts to save animals’ lives! Every penny counts!

More more information please visit:The Indianapolis Humane Society!

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November 1, 2010 at 6:06 PM

Thanks so much for sharing this! We still have hundreds of amazing animals awaiting homes. Even if people are “at capacity” in their homes with the number of pets they can have, there are other ways to help homeless animals: volunteering, donating money or wish list items, or fostering an animal temporarily all have terrific impacts.

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