Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Since February is the month of “GIVING LOVE”, Good Dog Hotel & Spa decided to do a Valentine’s Drawing and give away a Free Day of Daycare!!



On Thursday, Good Dog put out a Pink & Red decorated Valentine’s Box with tons of heart-shaped pieces of paper. All of our clients were encouraged to write their names & their pooch’s name on the heart all through the weekend and put their hearts in the box!!




On Monday February 14th, we did our drawing and announced 3 lucky winners:



Chewbacca & Leia Darwin: a Great White Pyrenees Mix & a Corgi Mix. Chewy & Leia come to daycare almost daily and were very happy with their “LOVELY” prize!!


Tucker May: He’s a Terrier Mix and also a very loyal daycare visitor. He was also very excited about his luck in the “LOVE-drawing”.


Buddy Stepsis: He’s a Hound Mix and has been frequenting Good Dog since late 2010. He recently started coming to daycare more frequently and was also very delighted with his prize!




Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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