Funny Pet Products!

Funny Pet Products!

I feel silly enough when I buy my dog “pupcakes” at the doggie bakery, but this list of bewildering to downright ridiculous products moves into a brand new galaxy of silliness.

1. BOWSER BEER – For the pooch that likes to party.

2. DOGGIE HIGH CHAIR – Learn those table manners early!

3. POOP FREEZE (spray for waste removal) – Maybe it will feel less unpleasant to hold in your hand if it’s cold?

4. THE BOW LINGUAL(walkie-talkie-like pet translation device) – Fido’s saying: “You’re gullible!!”

5. NEUTICLES (testicular implants for neutered dogs) – I have nothing to say about this that you’re not already thinking yourself.

6. DOG CHASTITY BELT – Pretty self-explanatory.

7. DOG ARMOR – “They may take our reproductive organs, but they’ll never take OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!”

8. SNUGGIES FOR DOGS – Silly, but oh so cute!

9. $400,000 SUPER DOG HOUSE – How ‘bout I move in, the dog can take my apartment?

Article Written by Jenny Smith!

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