From the desk of Tiki Taco …

Dearest friends,

Once upon a time, I was homeless, friendless and in search of a better life. Today, my silly little existence is the stuff of dreams. Not only do I have a big happy family and fancy corporate job, I have magical friends who overwhelm me with generosity and love … This letter is a thank-you to those folks.

My 5th(ish) birthday was yesterday, but you gave me an entire week of love and attention. You spoiled me rotten with birthday treats, played Pin the Teeth on Tiki, and made me feel loved beyond belief. Even though I was a fussypants for pictures, you endured my wiggles and showered me with kisses. Most of all, you brought donations for shelter dogs daily, so now all those pups have new food, treats, toys and blankets, which makes me super-duper happy!

So I want to thank you – not just for the birthday love and donations, but for visiting me every day, bringing in your very special dogs, and being part of my life. I couldn’t ask for better friends, and I can’t wait to spend another year with you!

Tiki Taco

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