Farewell Bojangles!!

Hi Everyone!!

Remember me? My name is Bojangles…
I’ve been one of Good Dog Hotel & Spa’s most beloved doggie-clients since April 2011!! I’ve been visiting here almost daily, since I was just a tiny puppy!! The employees at Good Dog fell in love with me the very first time they saw me! They witnessed me grow up from when I was just a tiny 3 month old pup all the way ‘til now!! I’m 9 months old now; I’m almost a “BIG” boy!!

Below are some of my old baby pictures:

The reason I’m writing back so soon, is because I have some “Bittersweet News”!!! This past week, was my last week here at Good Dog!! My dad got a job-transfer to Las Vegas!! So we’ll be moving next week!! I’m kind of excited!! I’m planning on either getting a job on Broadway as a famous Dancer / Singer or maybe mastering the skill of gambling and becoming a very rich “Poker-Playing-Pup”!!! Guess I’ll have to consult my dad about this?!?

But I’m also sad because I will miss all my friends very much!! The employees at Good Dog say I’m a very sweet dog and everyone said they are going to miss me!! I also made several great doggie-friends during my time at Good Dog!! My very best friend is Natasha. Natasha is almost exactly the same age as I am, and she is also a Yellow Lab!! We became friends right from the start! We both love to play and wrestle, we’re like “Two Peas in a Pod”. We even take naps together and pose for pictures (see below) when we need to!!! Some of my other friends are Reagan; a German Shorthair Pointer and Cooper; he’s a Golden Retriever pup, just a few months older than me! We all agreed we should stay in touch and write each other!

Bojangles & Natasha - Best Friends Forever!!
Bojangles & Natasha - Best Friends Forever!!

My dad said if we come back to visit Indianapolis, he’ll bring me by Good Dog to play and say “hello” to all of my friends!!!
That’s all for now!! Don’t be sad! I’ll be back to visit soon and I plan to become famous!!! You will see me on TV in no time!!!

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