Dog Breeds: Which One is For You?

What dog breeds are easy to train, or are known as good family dogs? Find out which dog is for you with this list of breeds and characteristics.

We love it when customers ask our Good Dog Hotel & Spa team for advice or suggestions when it comes to dog grooming, daycare or boarding. We are also happy to share information and resources whenever possible. Basically, any topic related to dogs is something we enjoy discussing.

Some of the most common questions we get have to do with dog breeds, and what type is best known for a specific characteristic. For instance, what dogs are easy to train? Or what breeds are best for families?

While we know that every dog is individual and has its own personality, there are specific breeds that are known for certain qualities. According to Animal Planet, here are the top breeds for the following categories.

Easy to Train

• Australian Cattle Dog
• Australian Shepherd
• Border Collie
• Cardigan Welsh Corgi
• Doberman Pinscher
• German Shepherd
• Golden Retriever
• Labrador Retriever
• Papillon
• Poodle (miniature and standard)
• Rottweiler
• Shetland Sheepdog

Family Dogs

• Beagle
• Bernese Mountain Dog
• Boxer
• Collie
• Golden Retriever
• Great Dane
• Keeshond
• Labrador Retriever
• Newfoundland
• Poodle (miniature)
• Pug
• Stratfordshire Bull Terrier

Hypo-Allergenic Dogs

• Bichon Frise
• Cairn Terrier
• Chinese Crested
• Havanese
• Miniature Schnauzer
• Poodle (standard)
• Yorkshire Terrier

Lap Dogs

• Bichon Frise
• Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
• Chihuahua
• Dachshund (miniature)
• Ibizan Hound
• Maltese
• Miniature Schnauzer
• Pekingese
• Pomeranian
• Pug
• Shih Tzu
• Yorkshire Terrier

Large Dogs

• Alaskan Malamute
• Bernese Mountain Dog
• Bloodhound
• Bull Mastiff
• Chesapeake Bay Retriever
• Doberman Pinscher
• German Shephard
• Great Pyrenees
• Mastiff
• Newfoundland
• Old English Sheepdog
• Saint Bernard

Medium Dogs

• Afghan Hound
• American Water Spaniel
• Australian Shephard
• Bulldog
• Cardigan Welsh Corgi
• German Pinscher
• Glen of Imaal Terrier
• Irish Terrier
• Keeshond
• Pembroke Welsh Corgi
• Tibetan Terrier
• Whippet

To find out more about these types of dogs, or if you want to take a breed selector quiz, visit here.

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