Professional Grooming

Indianapolis Dog GroomingVisit our exceptional Spa where experienced, loving groomers offer a full array of grooming services. Utilizing the HydroSurge massage therapy bathing system, we cater to clients desiring professional grooming routinely, seasonally, or when the occasion arises, our gentle, capable grooming staff is available to assist you in our top notch Spa.
If your pup plays well with other dogs, enroll your canine pooch in daycare as well. Now grooming day can be more than just hair brushing, nail trimming, and bows!

Professional Grooming has many benefits for your pup’s health and well being. A regular grooming schedule gives structure to your puppy’s experience with human touch. A dog’s response to touch needs regular maintenance, which does not happen when a dog is too dirty to handle. It’s easy to cuddle a clean dog many times a day.
For dogs with long coats, tangles can quickly mat and create skin sores, which can hurt your pup when petted. Unfortunately, these sores are hidden, causing people not to realize why the puppy resents being touched and petted. Communication and bonding between the dog and the family can quickly break down in this situation.

A clean and healthy dog is a welcome part of any family, and we encourage you to treat your pup to a day at our spa! Let us make your canine shine!

Grooming Options*

Bath & Brush Includes a professional bath, blow dry, brush-out, nail trim, and ear cleaning.
Shape Up Bath & Brush as well as a trim around the face, paws, potty patch as requested.
Complete Groom Bath & Brush, and a desired body cut specified by you.
*Call ahead for on the spot nail trims**Prices vary by size and coat of each individual breed*

Grooming Drop Off Hours

Monday to Friday 7am to 9am
Saturday 8am to 10am

Vaccination verification required for all dogs.
Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (Canine Cough) & Influenza.

Grooming Add-Ons

*all items below are ala cart and do not include the grooming price.

Any Daycare Play $20, plus grooming
Shed-Ex $20 and up, plus grooming
Anal Gland expression $10
Nail Trim Walk-In $11 and up
Nail Dremmel $11, plus nail trim
Teeth Brushing $9
Dematting $65 per hour, plus grooming
Medicated Shampoo $8 and up, plus grooming
Flea Shampoo $12 and up, plus grooming
Specialty Shampoo (includes Oatmeal and Whitening) $8 and up, plus grooming

Good Dog is proud to use environmentally friendly and eco-safe shampoos and conditioners!