Do You Doga?


An article in the New York Times online caught my eye recently: dogs are doing yoga! Well actually, their humans are. The dogs come along to bond and relax. This new practice started a couple of years ago, with mixed opinions. Some thought it would turn yoga, an age-old practice, into a fad. And some think it is beneficial to both their dogs’ health and their own.

Combining massage, meditation, and gentle stretching, the article says doga yoga aims to improve digestion and heart function for the dogs and stress reduction for their owners. In some classes dogs participate directly, sitting with their front paws in the air in a sun salutation pose, their owners supporting them. In others the dogs assist owners with their own poses, using their weight to provide resistance and support. While these practices aren’t clinically proven, dog owners at least feel that it gives them quality time with their pets, and motivation to get to yoga classes for themselves.

Fad or no, doga yoga is becoming an increasingly popular way for dogs and their human partners to unwind and connect. Namaste and woof!

Article Written by Jenny Smith

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