Curious Calvin!

Hi! My Name’s Calvin! I’m 10 years old! Well, at least in Dog years. I LOVE to run and play here at Good Dog! My friends here call me Calvin the Conqueror or Calvin the Courageous and sometimes Curious Calvin. I guess all of these nick names are pretty fitting for me. I’m not exactly one of the biggest dogs, but I can sure keep up with them! And although I’m kind of a little guy, a Boston Terrier to be exact, My FAVORITE place to play in day care is with the big dogs! See, I am Really fast! Maybe one of the fastest dogs here! I can run circles around everybody else and chase the ball. Not that I’m bragging, but I really am a lot bigger and faster than I look.
My best friends are the other dogs with LOTS of energy. Like Lucy, she’s a Black Lab that can keep up with me. So can Max. He’s only a little bit bigger than me but loves to play too! But I also have a Blast with Annie and Butch. They’re Boston Terriers too, and Annie is really fast, even for a girl!
I also make this really great ‘sad face’ sometimes in Day Care. The staff says I look SO cute and give me lots of attention and back scratches when I give them the sad face. They fall for it every time! Anyways, I can play all day long and never get tired! Well, maybe just a little tired when my Mom and Dad come to pick me up… Ok! Back to playing!

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