Congratulations, Lucas!

We are so proud of our little Lucas McCabe, who ran the Bayshore Marathon last weekend in Traverse City, Michigan, and had a breakthrough race for his career. Most of you have probably met Lucas (and his bright blonde hair) working our front desk, and many of you already know he’s an avid runner. Lucas has always done exceptionally well in his races, but this time he set a personal record and finished 4th overall – and second in his division – with a time of 2:34:28! There were 1793 total runners, many of whom are very experienced and well-known, and our Lucas placed 4th. We are incredibly proud of him for his talent, hard work and dedication, and we want to make sure he knows it. So the next time you see Lucas at the front desk, be sure to congratulate him. And ask him how his running is going … he loves to talk about it!

Lucas (far left) with his runner friends from Athletic Annex.

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