Call me Maeby!

She’s sweet, silly and super-sized. And she’s such a pretty new addition to our “pack” that we had to blog about her!

Maeby the Great Dane was a graduation present to mom Jennifer, hand-picked for her special markings. Surprisingly, she was less expensive than her siblings because her color makes her unshowable to breeders. But mom is super thankful she scored Maeby (as are we) because she’s not only striking, she’s a personality plus!

Miss Maeby knew she was special from the get-go. As a pup, she’d jump in front of her siblings whenever someone took pictures of the brood, and she was never shy about cutting in line at the food bowl. At 8 weeks, when Jennifer made the 4-hour drive to pick her up, Maeby was already huge.

Mom has lots of nicknames for her – Giraffe Dog, Freckles, Big Ears, Big Dog, Freckle Dog, Freckle Ears, and Siss. In daycare, she is gracious, charming and friends with everyone. At home, mom says she’s quite the character. Part kleptomaniac and part comedian, Maeby regularly snatches everyday essentials – toothbrushes, combs, nail files and highlighters – and hides them in her crate. And she loves tennis balls. Her favorite position is lying on her side, rolling a ball under one paw for entertainment. Just hearing a tennis match on TV can get her excited, so much so that her gaze won’t budge until a commercial.

One thing that ‘daycare’ Maeby and ‘home’ Maeby have in common is a big heart. According to mom, Maeby has a fierce love of dogs and people. While researching dogs, Jennifer learned that scientists believe dogs really don’t make “friends” – they only play and associate with others because they’re pack animals. But Maeby certainly defies that theory. When mom watches her play with best friends Dexter and Cesar, she knows there is love there. She is definitely the light of her mom’s life, and she lights up our daycare room too! So if you happen to glance in our daycare window and see a giant Great Dane — freckled and beautiful and loving everyone around her — it’s definitely Maeby!

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