Birthday Bash

Good Dog celebrated our 9th birthday on March 12, and Tiki offered to take pics and blog about the occasion. Hope you enjoy his perspective!

Dear friends,

Good Dog turned 9 yesterday, and it made me think about my life here. It wasn’t long ago that I was without a family or home, and unlucky enough to collide with a moving car. The driver hit me hard enough to wreak havoc on my back side and break my hip, then he drove away, leaving me alone in the street and in pain.

Luckily I had some guardian angels: One who found me and took me to the vet, ultimately saving my life; a second who offered to foot my hospital bills; and a third named Michelle. Michelle overheard a conversation about an injured dog, without a tag or chip, without an owner to claim him, and offered to help find a forever home.

That decision brought me here, changing the course of my life forever. Now I have more family than I can count, dozens of siblings, and a place to call home. And my new life affords me the chance to have thousands of friends, greet them everyday, and revel in their hugs and kisses.

To all of my friends, old and new, I hope you know how thankful I am for you and your pups. My days are full of your kisses, and I can always count on hugs from your little ones and the occasional treat or “I love you.” My Good Dog family gets equal (if not more) love from your dogs, and we consider ourselves the luckiest folks on earth. Thanks to all of you for turning my life around, and my family thanks you for a wonderful nine years. We all wish you the same happiness you bring to our doorstep on a daily basis!


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