Bigsby and Babette

This is the first in our series spotlighting Good Dog staff dogs.

Name: Bigsby Jones House-McCracken
A.K.A: Bigs, Mr. Jones
Genetics: Pug-Pekinese mix (Peek-a-Pug)
Adopted by Brittany (front desk) through a pet adoption website.
Runt of the litter, born not breathing.
Brought back to life, most definitely a fighter.
Overcame an aggressive mast cell tumor this summer.
OMG: Must always sleep under covers, with chin resting on pillow.
Celebrity Doppleganger: Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), because he is silly and nerdy, but brave when he has to be.
Fave Spot @ GD: The kiddie bed in the “littles” section.
Theme Song: “Daydream” by The Lovin’ Spoonful.

Name: Babette Elaine House-McCracken
A.K.A: Babs, Chug-a-lug-a-choo-choo-train
Genetics: Pug-Chihuahua mix (Chug)
Adopted through Daisy Mae Pet Rescue as “shy” little sis for Bigsby Jones.
Turned out to be a very sassy, not-so-shy sis to Bigsby Jones.
OMG: Either sounds like a pigeon or a grizzly bear, depending on mood. Loves to greet you by jumping straight up vertically into your arms.
Celebrity Doppleganger: Arya Stark, Games of Thrones, because she is a tiny little thing, but tough as nails.
Fave Spot @ GD: The kiddie bed in the “littles” section.
Theme Song: “These Boots are Made for Walkin” by Nancy Sinatra.


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