A Little Lost Traveler Found Her Way Home!

A Little Lost Traveler Found Her Way Home!

On Thursday 9-23-10 two students from Butler University came to Good Dog Hotel & Spa with a cute little lost doggie!! She was found running around on the Butler University Football Field. We put up fliers, talked to clients, and listed her on several websites. After several days of no response, our staff was getting worried that our little lost traveler wouldn’t find her way back to her parents. This little munchkin reminded us of “Piglet” from Winnie the Pooh. Since she had no name tag, we unofficially named her “Piglet” 🙂

We could tell by “Piglet’s” behavior that she was very well taken care of; she just got away from mom and dad. On the sixth day of “Piglet’s” adventure at Good Dog Hotel & Spa, a lady called us early in the morning asking if we had found a little Rat Terrier!! She was able to describe “Piglet’s” looks in detail and informed us that her name was “Josie”!!! Later that day “Josie” was picked up and we were all so happy that this story has a happy ending. We will miss you “Piglet-Josie”!!

Article Written by Jenny Smith

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