After the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a group of reporters were lead to an area of wreckage in Arahama by a barking dog. Nearby the muddy, shaking boy was another dog lying flat on the ground, who appeared to be dead.

The dog continued to bark at the reporters, apparently trying to keep them away and protect his friend. When he returned to the other dog’s side the reporters saw that it was still alive, lifting up its head a little, but obviously very weak and injured. His guardian then put his paw around his neck, comforting him!

No one knows how long the two friends were out there alone amongst the muddy wreckage, but after their discovery by the news team they were both rescued; the injured dog to the nearest animal hospital, and his protector to a shelter. A happy ending in the midst of so much tragedy, however small and furry!

Article written by Jenny Smith

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