A Christmas Miracle!

This story could be classified as a fairy-tale. It has a good storyline about an adventurer, a hero, and a happy ending.

Once upon a time on a cold Monday morning, November 29th, the ladies at Good Dog Hotel and Spa were sitting at the front desk. They were working hard as usual, when one of the girls (Jenny) looked up and saw a dog loose in the parking lot. She went outside and looked for someone to follow him but nobody came. After trying for a while to get him to come inside, she decided the only way he would come in was if she got a treat. When Jenny said the word “treat” and showed it to him, the doggie walked right up to her and came inside. He was very cold and nervous, wondering where his parents were.

After comforting him for a while and noticing that the dog didn’t have a collar or a name-tag, Jenny decided that he needed a temporary name. She named him Dobie. We took Dobie to the Vet to see if he was micro-chipped, hoping that he would be able to find his owner that way. The Vet informed us that he had no micro-chip so Good Dog Hotel and Spa got to work on getting the word out about “lost Dobie”. We put up an ad on Craigslist, Facebook, Petfinder, our Good Dog Website, and also put up fliers in various businesses in Broad Ripple. We played the waiting game for a while but Dobie was getting very anxious so we decided to take him to the Vet to get his vaccines so he could play in Daycare. As the week went on, Dobie had fun in Daycare playing with the other dogs and was enjoying his hotel-stay but we could see that he missed his Mommy!

Exactly 7 days after we found him we received a phone call from a lady. She said we might have her dog! We were very excited!! We ran and got Dobie and told him all about it! He became extremely excited, wagging his tail with enthusiasm! Whoever thinks dogs don’t understand human language, should have seen Dobie when he was waiting for his Mommy to come and pick him up. He was staring through our front door, waiting in anticipation…

About fifteen minutes later (which seemed like an eternity to all of us), Dobie’s Mom arrived at Good Dog to get her baby! The reunion was very emotional and one of the best days Good Dog Hotel and Spa had ever had. Dobie’s Mom told us that his name was Samson and sometimes goes by “Pup”. She also said that one of her friends had seen the ad on Facebook, and had told her immediately! They were both truly happy to be reunited and Good Dog was very happy to see Samson go back home to his Mom.

And as any good fairy-tale would end…

“They lived Happy Ever After”…

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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