7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for human couples. Here’s how you can enjoy the day with your dog. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for human couples. It’s also a special day to celebrate the unconditional love from your pets. Of course, here at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa in Broad Ripple, we are a little partial to sharing the day with our favorite dogs. Always on the lookout for good Valentine’s Day celebration ideas, we are happy to pass along some of our clients’ favorites.

Let us know what you think, and if you have something special planned that’s not on the list, tell us about it. No matter how you celebrate, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and love-filled Valentine’s Day!

1. Get Active

What are the activities your dog loves to do the most? Whether it’s taking long walks through the woods, running around in circles on open fields, fetching tennis balls or hanging out at a dog park, get outside and treat him to his favorite form of exercise.

2. Give Special Treats

Stop by your favorite dog bakery and pick up something special for your furry friend. Or peruse the internet for a great dog treat recipe and experiment in the kitchen. A delicious treat is a perfect V-day surprise that will show your pet how much you love her, plus you’ll get to see her dig in and enjoy it.

3. Go Shopping

Dogs love to wonder the aisles of pet stores (if they’re allowed). Go on a shopping trip together with your entire family if you want, and check out all the newest gadgets and toys. See what your dog is drawn to, and buy it! They’ll be so excited to get home and start playing.

4. Plan a Playdate

Who doesn’t love some good play time with friends? Plan a special Valentine’s Day playdate, complete with special treats and maybe those new toys you buy from your shopping trip. Your dog will love some time with her pals, and it’s fun for owners too!

5. Have a Photo Shoot

You probably already take plenty of photos of your dog from your phone, but why not step it up a notch with a little extra planning? Buy him a new doggie coat, outfit or other accessory (make sure they are safe and comfortable), and take a little extra time with props, lighting and angles. Or better yet, do it up right by hiring a pet photographer. Be creative, and let your imagination go wild.

6. Visit a Professional Groomer

Pamper your dog with a visit to a professional groomer. Spring for a full package that includes a bath, brush and complete groom. And remember the previous suggestion of a photo shoot? Schedule your grooming session right before it’s camera time, and let your dog shine.

7. Take a Nap

If your dog loves to cuddle up on your lap or next to you on the sofa for naps, take some time from your day to join him. Get those blankets out, turn off your phones and give your pooch time and undivided attention.




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