Tiki’s Top 10 Dog Boarding Tips for Summer

Best advice for making your dog-boarding experience a smooth and enjoyable one – for dogs and humans too.

indianapolis self service dog bathing
We offer self-service bathing at half-price after boarding your dog with us.

It’s probably no surprise that Memorial Day through Labor Day are peak times for dog boarding at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa in Broad Ripple. That’s because it’s summer vacation time, and families are on the move and ready for some fun. Tiki loves to have his furry friends stay at the hotel with him.

While we know that your dog will have a blast, get exercise and enjoy the stay, we want to help you feel more at ease about the dog-boarding experience – especially if it’s you or your dog’s first time. And since Tiki is our resident Good Dog Hotel Ambassador, we asked him for his best dog-boarding advice.

Tiki’s Top 10 Dog Boarding Tips

  1. Schedule a trial run. If your dog is new to boarding (or it’s been awhile since the last time), schedule a sleepover with us well before your vacation starts. Your pooch will discover the sights, sounds and smells of our Hotel, so when the vacation officially begins, they will already feel comfortable and ready to play.
  2. Book your dog’s stay in advance. Because this is a peak time for animal-boarding, we anticipate a very busy season. Make reservations with us as soon as you know your vacation dates to ensure a spot. Remember that we require a two-night stay on weekends during the summer.
  3. Update vaccinations. You’ll need to provide proof of your vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, and a six-month Bordatella/Canine Cough (this must be administered within the six months prior to the date of your stay).
  4. Bring your dog’s food.  If you want to help avoid any gastrointestinal issues while you’re away, bring whatever food and snacks your pooch is used to.
  5. Don’t forget toys and a bed. If your pooch has a favorite toy (two is plenty), bed or blanket, bring them along to help your pup feel secure and comfortable. If you don’t have a bed, that’s okay.  Tiki has plenty and likes to share.
  6. Take advantage of our amenities. We offer a variety of room sizes, along with other options like in-room televisions (we have plenty of animal shows for their enjoyment), daycare and other activities. Find out more about our dog boarding, dog daycare services and rates here.
  7. Be calm at drop-off. The goodbye process can be an emotional one, but rest assured, your dog is in good hands – and it’s way harder on you than it is on them. If you are calm during this transition, it will help your dog be calm too.
  8. Bathe your dog at check-out time. Good Dog offers half-price, self-serve baths at check out. Dogs like to play and party hard while you are on vacation.  Dogs tend to get a bit “grubby” while playing, so with a nice bath on the way out, he’ll be ready to snuggle with family members the minute you both get home.
  9. Know that being exhausted is normal. Your dog is going to be playing and having fun every day while they are with us, which includes exercising more than normal. So when you take them home, they’ll probably rest more than normal.  Don’t worry if this happens – it just means they had a great time.
  10. Go have fun. Believe me when I tell you that we have fun while you’re away, and so you need to do that too! Enjoy your vacation, make new memories, and come back rested and ready to play.

What are your dog boarding tips?

Do you have any more tips you’d like to share that can help with the dog boarding experience? If you have any specific advice or stories to tell us about, we’d love to hear them. Leave your comments below.

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