The Mini-Me Blogs, Installment 1: Bigsby & Alvin

Meet Bigsby and Alvin … totally unrelated dogs, completely different breeds, but so adorably similar that Bigsby could pass as a “mini-me” version of Alvin. We have several special pairs of dogs like this, so we decided to do a blog series on the duos. These two handsome boys are our first installment.

Bigsby House
Alvin Fisher
Pug Mix
Gigantor English Mastiff 

Physical Summary: Bulbous head atop disproportionately small body and gangly legs. Fawn coloring with black face and eyes.
GIANT bulbous head atop enormous body and gangly long legs. Fawn coloring with black face and eyes. 

18 pounds
165 pounds 

16″ tall, head to toe
46″ tall, head to toe 

Head circumference: 12″
Head circumference: 29″ 

Eats 1 cup kibble/day
12 cups/day (It’s true…we’ve seen it happen.) 

3 years old this June
3 years, 4 mo. 

As a breed, it’s estimate pugs originated around 400 B.C.
Mastiffs were depicted in Egyptian art as early as 3000 B.C. 

The breed possibly originated from the miniaturization of French Mastiffs.
Historical accounts indicate mastiffs fought alongside Roman gladiators. 

Originated in Asia and were often lap-dogs for royalty.
The first mastiffs in the U.S. came here on the Mayflower. 

Breed talents: watchdogging, performing tricks and being adorable.
Watchdogging, police & military work, & (not surprisingly) weight-pulling. 



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