Sweet Sophie and her brave story

After 3 years, 148 visits to Good Dog, and thousands of hugs and kisses, we love our fluffy 5-pound Sophie more than ever. And if you ever have the chance to meet her, you will too. Here’s her story:

Sophie came to her mom by complete surprise. After one of her cats passed away, Deb Taylor-McGee intended to adopt another kitty, but quickly realized her boyfriend’s dogs might appreciate a canine companion instead. Though Deb is allergic to dogs, she still felt a compulsion to scour Petfinder for a pup. A very plain ad for a rescued poodle caught her attention … there was no obligatory cute photo to tug at heartstrings, but that didn’t stop her from calling. That’s when she spoke to Dr. Mary Marcotte, the vet who runs Cherished Life Rescue, and learned more about the 5-pound grey teacup.

Sophie had a heart-breaking story. She was taken to Dr. Marcotte by a breeder, after 36 hours of painful labor and a puppy stuck in her birth canal. Emaciated and near death, she was rushed to surgery. Even Dr. Marcotte didn’t think her frail patient would survive, but Sophie pulled through and spent a week in critical care. And this is where the story takes a turn for the better. The breeder, unable to afford the veterinary expenses, had a life-changing conversation with Dr. Marcotte. Not only did she agree to stop breeding, she decided to turn her facility into a pet foster home. Her remaining dogs would be adopted by loving homes, and their adoption fees would help cover Sophie’s medical bills.

Deb made the trip to meet Sophie on November 11, 2009. After being greeted by several teacups and Chihuahuas, Deb was handed a tiny balding creature that could barely lie limp in her lap. The compulsion to care for Sophie was so overwhelming that Deb took her home immediately. While others feared the worst for Sophie’s uncertain life span, Deb didn’t care. To her, Sophie was beautiful.

With winter approaching, mom immediately bought her baby girl a coat for warmth. Next up was a crate for sleeping, though that may have been a naïve purchase – Sophie has had the run of mom’s bed since day one. Deb, a doctor herself, must have done all the right things during Sophie’s recovery. The tiny princess now has her own stairs for the bed and couch, a full coat of her own hair, excellent health, and her mom’s heart.

While Sophie can still seem a tad scared of our big world, she has adjusted wonderfully to her new life. For the past two Halloweens, she was a hit in our annual costume contest. And even though she shakes the tiniest bit when in our arms, she still gives us lots of kisses. And of course she lights up the daycare room. Needless to say, we think she is a very special dog. Through her suffering, she helped save the lives of each dog that was bred with her, and possibly more … Just a few of the many reasons we love her.

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