Saying Goodbye

Hello Indy dogs and friends. We’re Rupac and Owsley. We’re both 2 years old boys and are Rottweiler mixes. Today is kind of a sad day. This is technically our last Friday at Good Dog Daycare. We’ve been coming here for over a year. Half of our life has been spent with the amazing people here. They’ve seen us grow from pup to dog.

WHY is it our last Friday? …Glad you asked. You see, we’re moving to another state next week. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. Our parents decided to move, so we’re along for the ride. We can only hope our parents will find as awesome a doggie daycare as Good Dog. We’ll also miss Indianapolis.

We are both really big and super playful. You could say we are definitely a presence when we enter daycare. However, we are NOT aggressive. We’re energetic. We made a deal that we wouldn’t act like some brothers or brother/sister pairs. We’ve seen some that are kinda mean and act like “bullies,” ganging up on other dogs. Nope. We don’t like that. We’d rather be friends and playmates with the dogs we’re around everyday. That’s how we’ve been able to become best friends with Clyde, Favory, and Max Ford. (We’ll miss you so, so much!)

We’re the type of dogs that can really control a room. The energy level increases as soon as we come to daycare, but in a good way…probably because we don’t really lay down that much. We’d rather go, go, go and play, play, play. And now we’re on the move…quite literally.

Well, Good Dog ~ we’ll miss you. We promise to send photos of the new places we end up, and we promise to send photos of us as we grow up. The new doggy daycare will have big shoes to fill. Thank you for loving us and caring for us all this time!

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