Pretty Peach and her rescue story

Our Peach is definitely the prettiest Peach … and the sweetest … and the fastest. And she has an amazing rescue story that only makes her more special.

Peach will be 4 years old in October, and those of us at Good Dog see her as graceful, gentle and loving – whether she’s greeting us in our lobby or playing in daycare. You’d never guess she survived a terrifying past full of abuse, abandonment and starvation.

Our friend Chase adopted her in 2009 from the Indianapolis Humane Society. He had been looking for a large breed dog, preferably female, and was browsing the IHS website during a business trip in Denver. As soon as he saw her picture, he called the Humane Society staff and told them he’d visit immediately upon his return. They were honest up front, indicating the dog was special and would need a special owner – she was EXTREMELY timid due to suffering abuse and neglect.

Peach and her brother were found abandoned near the south side of downtown. Both showed signs of physical abuse and were starving to death. Unfortunately her brother didn’t survive, but our brave Peach managed to hang on. The Humane Society staff said she was initially fearful of humans – they would sit gently in her stall and read books as she cowered and shook in the corner. Needless to say they had a difficult time finding her forever home. Despite the warnings, Chase approached her in her stall. Defying all expectation, she walked right up to him and gave him a tiny kiss on the leg. Everyone at the shelter sobbed at the sight.

Her shelter name was Morgan, but Chase decided to rename her – it would symbolize a new beginning. As he pondered names, his friend Jill mentioned her coat was the color of a peach, and Morgan immediately looked at Jill. His friend Joey said “Peach,” and she turned her gaze to him. And that was that. When people ask how Peach got her name, Chase tells them she chose it.

Chase says Peach has transformed from a terrorized, tortured soul to the sweetest, most gentle dog. The old Peach would run and hide when anyone visited her home. The new Peach is social and graceful at Good Dog and everywhere she goes. She is notoriously fast and muscular (anyone who regularly visits the Broad Ripple dog park can vouch for this). And she loves to car surf in dad’s SUV (i.e. standing perfectly positioned between the two front seats, balancing and shifting her weight whenever the car makes a turn). If you’ve seen Peach and Chase in Broad Ripple, you’re not alone … he has worked tirelessly to socialize her and give her a better life, and it most certainly shows.

Like all rescues, Peach changed her dad’s life for the better. She not only filled the void in his heart after his first dog passed, she made him more patient, and showed how simple kindness and love can truly repair the soul. Chase says Peach may not be perfect, but she is perfect for him … just the thought of her can bring a smile to his face on a bad day. We are so proud of Peach for the beautiful girl she is today (and if you’re wondering about her breed, click the link below her photos for her DNA test). Most importantly, we’re very grateful to her dad for rescuing her and making her a part of our life!

Click here to see Peach’s DNA test!

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