Our Hotel & Daycare During Spring Break

maddie aliceSpring break and Easter are upon us and our hotel will be full for the next few weeks. This means both hotel and daycare will be busy every day, but especially during the weekends.

Hotel Drop-Off:

  • Our lobby will be hectic, if you have a plane to catch we recommend you arrive early to ensure a smooth check-in.
  • Our most busy times of day are between 7-9 am and 5-7 pm.
  • For a reminder of items you need to bring with you have a look at Tiki’s Check-In List http://bit.ly/1BWgVHD

Daycare Drop-Off:

  • Spots in daycare will be limited, reservations are HIGHLY recommended.
  • If you do not have a reservation, give us a call before heading over & we will be able to tell you if we have space.

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