Our Box of Rocks

The third happy ending in our series on Good Dog staff dogs.

Name: Reagan Francine Stetzel
A.K.A: Reggo, Reggaroo, Jellybean
Genetics: German Shorthair- Fruit Loop mix
Mom: Mandy (Front Desk)

Her story: Came to Good Dog as a rescue, emaciated and sick. She became attached at the hip to Mandy, who convinced her husband to “foster” Reggo. The rest is history.


Modus Operandi:Confused but excited about everything around her.
Lacks any understanding of the laws of logic, common sense and personal space.
Born cross-eyed. When she looks at you, she’s usually looking two feet to your right.
Must always be under covers in bed, crammed against you and overheating everyone around her.
If she had an inner dialogue, it would be “Wheeeeee!” over and over again.


Favorite thing about Good Dog: Tiki (he is her best friend and soul mate.)
Also frolicking in daycare, but entering panic mode whenever mom brings another dog in.
Celebrity doppelganger: She’s a female Homer Simpson, if one existed.

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