Meet Simba & Nala — Our Little Lion & Lioness

This is the 5th installment in our series on Good Dog staff dogs.

Name: Simba Tiberius Brown
A.K.A: Doodie (yes, he actually responds to this nickname) and Tiberius (Captain Kirk’s name, chosen by his Star-Trek-loving dad)
Genetics: Pomeranian
Mama: Veronique – one of our amazing groomers

Mom was regularly dog-sitting for Simba when his owners’ life situation changed and they couldn’t keep him. Already enamored with the little Pom, she quickly and happily adopted him. Simba fit right in with his kitty siblings … It was one of the best decisions mom and dad ever made!

Modus Operandi (M.O.):
Bounces around like a bunny in his backyard, out of sheer excitement to be in his outdoor kingdom. Patiently waits for mom to exit shower every morning so he can help “dry” her ankles by licking water droplets. Likes dogs, but truly loves his feline friends…If there were a kitty-doggie daycare in town, he’d be the number-one customer!

Celebrity Doppleganger:
Very much like his namesake from “The Lion King.” Our Simba is definitely ruler of his animal kingdom, which includes sister Nala and cats Zeppelin, Dorothy, and Little Bit.

Favorite thing about GD:
Loves to lap-lounge with the daycare staffers. He also lives for “groom time” with mommy. He loves feeling clean and prances around like a proud little lion when he’s finished.

Name: Nala Pi (π) Brown
A.K.A: Pumpkin Pi
Genetics: Dachshund-Pom mix (Doxi-Pom)

Mom was looking for a sibling for Simba when she heard a litter of Doxi-Poms was dropped at a shelter. The fam drove all the way to Connorsville to meet their 7-week-old, 2-pound puppy. The name Nala fit, and the rest is history!

Modus Operandi (M.O.):
Lives and breathes to fetch her fave toy, a red rubber ring she’s had since puppyhood. She can fetch it sleepwalking, if need be. She’ll even break away from dinner or the world’s best belly-rub to catch it! It’s a three-way tie for her second favorite activity: burrowing under a blanket in mom or dad’s lap, curling up next to the fireplace, and playing “tag” with her brother in the yard.

Celebrity Doppleganger:
The female lion Nala in “Lion King,” because she is queen of her kingdom, as well as sassy, smart, loving and witty.

Favorite thing about GD:
If you’ve ever looked through our daycare window, you’ve probably seen a tiny little dog sitting in a basket on the windowsill in our “littles” section. That sweetpea would be Nala, sunbathing in her favorite spot while mom grooms doggies all day.

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