Meet our Chewball and Sir Butt Fluffington

This is the fourth installment in our series on GD staff dogs…

Name: Chewbacca Chewmeister III
A.K.A: Chewy, Chewball, Mr. Chew, Chew-Chew, Scruffalupagus
Genetics: Corgi mix with a side of fiesty

His story: He was found as a stray by someone who couldn’t keep him. When no one came forward to claim him, they shared him on Craigslist to find him a forever home. Kathleen (front desk & hotel) was hooked the moment she saw him in all his Corgi wonder.

Modus Operandi (M.O.): Jumps into empty bathtubs when bored. Capable of obliterating a large retriever roll in four hours, thus the name “Chewy.” At his happiest when destroying toys, growls when he experiences any type of emotion, and LOVES to play in the snow. He’s also a great listener and knows “go upstairs,” “get in the tub,” and “go get your Kong,” in addition to the basic commands.

Favorite thing about Good Dog: Bossing his brother, Wash, in front of a captive audience.
Celebrity Doppelganger: Peter O’ Toole — surly, strange, and swears a lot, but knows how to have a good time. And everywhere he goes, people want to meet him.

Name: Washington P. Washington-Huggable, Esq.
A.K.A: Wash, Mr. Wash, Washypants, The Washbuckler (per his Good Dog family), Puffybutt, Sir Butt Fluffington
Genetics: Corgi mix with a side of cuteness

Story: Parents Kathleen & Devin wanted another Corgi-mix sibling for Chewy. Wash was available for adoption through The Ark rescue, so they met him at a PetSmart adoption event. Two weeks later he met Chewy and they hit it off immediately. It was destiny. Side note: When he first came home, he was scared of the world (had to be lifted into a car and carried upstairs, barked at anyone within 100 feet, and didn’t know how to play with toys). Two years later, makes friends easily and loves car rides and toys. Daycare at GD was a big part of bringing him out of his shell!

Modus Operandi (M.O.): Has a habit of hiding items that are of value to him (mom and dad once found a loaf of bread hidden between the pillows on their bed). He’s particularly gifted at cuddling like a toddler, with his head resting on your shoulder. Possesses world-class balancing skills … can go from “sit pretty” to “stand” to “sit pretty” again, without his legs ever touching the floor.

Favorite thing about Good Dog: Hanging out with his extended GD family. It can take awhile for him to warm up to newbies, but once he likes someone, he LOVES them! So it is with the GD staff.
Celebrity Doppleganger: Truman Capote – intellectual, introverted, soft-spoken and anxious to write the next great American novel. And pale.


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