Meet Chloe!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Chloe and I am a 3 year old Black Lab. I’m an old regular here, I have been coming here since 2010!

I was born in New Hampshire, that’s where my Mom fell in love with a Black Lab named Cassie. They wanted one just like her they said so that’s how they got me, Cassie is my dog mom! When I’m at home I’m just as playful as I am here, I love to wrestle and play tag!

You may have seen me recently in the Yearbook Poll where I was voted Class Clown and I sure love living up to that title, but more on that later! Most of the time I come I’m here for Daycare, that is my favorite thing about Good Dog! I love pulling pranks on all the staff members in there, it makes the other dogs laugh! Most of the time I just do little things like steal their walkies, tip over the water cooler, or grab the roll of paper towels and RUN!! See all these little jokes I pull keep the Daycare workers on their toes and it always makes them laugh. You see, Labs instinctively enjoy holding objects, even hands or arms in their mouths, which they can very gentle (a Labrador can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it), so that is my excuse for always grabbing things from the staff! Did you also know that female Labs are known to be more independent than males which is describes me to a T, independent!!

I do also enjoy a nice vacation once and awhile in the luxury hotel suites here! I get all set up with lots of Daycare during the day to wipe me out then I come back to my room with some nice cozy blankets and settle down for the night. Most of the time my Mom also likes to get me a bath and brush before I come home to! The groomers here are awesome. They also embrace my wild side and after a little playing around I will stay still for them to get that nice brush out after my wash that feels so good! My Mom also signed us up for a couple lessons with Adam Moos the trainer here where he taught me some basic manners. My Mom does a great job with me, she always has me sit before we come in the door and before I can go back and play.

When I’m not having a Good Dog vacation I love vacationing up in Michigan and playing in the lakes. I am definitely a lake dog! Well that’s all I have for now, I’m currently here on one of my vacations for a few days. I think I see Mary, time to go steal her walkie!!

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