Meet Chad

Good Dog Hotel and Spa is excited to see such growth and support from our great city of Indianapolis. We are so happy to be in the heart of Broadripple off the Monon Trail. Springtime gives us the opportunity to meet pups and parents from all over as the sun begins to warm up, and we begin to get out. Our growth has been amazing. Not only has this been occurring because of YOU, our loyal clients, but also because of our committed staff. So, we’ve decided to take the next few weeks to highlight our staff.

Meet Chad. Chad has been our daycare manager for nearly a year and a half now. Chad’s sense of humor keeps everyone laughing here at Good Dog. He always has something funny to say! He is always smiling and his consistent sunny demeanor makes him refreshing to be around.

Chad’s dog, Domino, is 2 years old. He’s a black lab/pit bull mix. He loves that Domino is a mutt, and has a great balance in his disposition because of the mixes of breads. Domino will take ALL of his toys out of his toy basket at home and put them in Chad’s lap, one by one, letting Chad know that it is time to play! This is one of Chad’s favorite things about Domino.

Chad also thinks that Domino is a really good listener, but sometimes he talks back. Chad’s favorite thing about working in the daycare is that everyday is different. The mix of dogs and their moods change on a daily basis. His favorite daycare dog is Hawkeye, who he calls his ‘little buddy.’

His other favorites are Scout, Butch and Annie, and Calvin. Chad loves working at Good Dog because it is very gratifying. “You feel like you’re making a difference with the dogs and get to see how they grow and improve with their socialization and behavior,” says Chad.

A funny fact about Chad is that he can whistle and hum at the same time. Stop by and meet Chad. He’s great!

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