Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted. Part Three

Our final devoted pup is Mr. Murphy!

Murphy is one big lovable Lab! He started coming to Good Dog just 10 days after we opened! His owners loved the proximity of Good Dog being only blocks from their home. Murphy has stuck with us for so long because they love the convenience of all our services we have to offer. Murphy takes full advantage of our daycare and grooming, plus he loves to spend the night here! Now if only we had a Vet on staff they would be set!

When Murphy is not hanging out with his pals in Daycare he is enjoying going on walks and eating! That’s right Murphy loves his food, like most labs it’s one of his favorite activities! That is right next to swimming, which he is lucky to have friends with a lake house where he spends plenty of time during the summer.

Murphy also has quite the collection of balls that he has claimed are his after neighbors brought them over and he popped them. He has several basketballs and footballs, but his favorite is a NBA basketball that he insists you throw when in the yard.

Whenever Murphy comes in he always runs right up to the front desk to see who is working and say HI, after that though he is straight to the daycare door! Murphy loves to come in for daycare once every couple of weeks. He also is a regular in our grooming room where he loves his Shed-X treatment. All that brushing really makes him feel good, plus he loves to help out the groomers and give a good shake to get rid of that extra hair! Every once and awhile Murphy’s owners will take a vacation and that means it’s Suite time! He loves to stand up on the door of his suite and watch the staff as they walk other dogs or feed them. He knows it will soon be his turn and he will get to go spend his whole day playing with a new batch of dogs!

The big man will be celebrating his 9th birthday next Friday on the 24th! You would never guess it though considering he still has the energy of a pup. His owners got him in April of 2003 from a small breeder in Shelbyville, IN. Murphy is one of those dogs who just instantly can put a smile on your face. He is so lovable, fun and everything a lab should be! Make sure to stop by and say Hi to Murphy when you are in. We promise his smile will make your day!

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