Dexter Loves Doggie Daycare!

Hi there! It’s Friday and I am one happy pooch! My name is Dexter Wallace!  I’m a 2 and a 1/2 year old, Chesapeake Mix.  I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel doggie daycare for about a year and a half. Now, if you think about it, that’s really like ten and a half years for me. Whoa.

I’m not originally from Indianapolis. I’m actually from DC, but I really love Broadripple because there are so many dogs to play with. I’m pretty social so I’m all about playing and being friendly with all the dogs and staff here at the doggie daycare…for the most part.  (yes, I can be moody…can’t we ALL?)

The funny thing about me is I can fall asleep anywhere. The staff over here at Good Dog Hotel are always taking snaps of me napping in random spots. Here’s one of those shots.

As you can see, I’m a big dog, so I pretty much stay in the big dog area, but sometimes…just sometimes…I wonder what it would be like to play with all those little dogs on the other side of the fence. It seems like they are always hootin’ and hollarin’ and making all sorts of commotion. Uh, I mean, they’re having all sorts of fun!

Well, truly, big or small, we ALL have fun here at doggie daycare.

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