Darwin and Wally, our Dynamic Doodle Duo!

Hello all!

We’re the Daycare Doodle Duo known as Darwin and Wally.

We look and act so much alike that we may as well be twins, but we’re actually half-brothers born a year apart. At 3 years of age, Darwin is naturally the more mature and well mannered pooch. Wally, on the other hand, is a 2-year-old wild child who earned the nickname ‘pigpen’ for his love of rolling in mud and destroying any toy in sight.

We’ve been visiting Good Dog for daycare (and the occasional hotel stay) since 2009, and in our humble opinion, daycare is the best invention since bacon! When mom drops us at Good Dog, we can’t wait to trot through those doors and say ‘hello’ to everyone in sight. The daycare staff says we’re inseparable and do just about everything in unison — we even take our mid-day naps together. (There’s no better pillow than a fluffy doodle, so it just makes sense to cuddle with each other!)

We stick together back at home too, whether we’re hiking, swimming, or playing frisbee (our most favorite game ever). Darwin is better at catching, while Wally plays pretty solid defense by tackling and stealing. At the end of each game, however, we always come to an agreement and run around carrying the frisbee together.

Our favorite person in the whole world is our momma. Not only is she a great dog mom to us, but she fosters shelter dogs and helps them find forever homes. She just started doing this a few months ago, and believe it or not, every one of our foster siblings has been adopted by wonderful families!! We’re currently caring for Odis, our fifth foster-sib, and we try hard to be the best possible brothers by setting a good example. Mom says we’re very welcoming and have the ability to bring even the most timid dogs out of their shell.

If you like to hit the Monon Trail, you’ll probably see us out walking with mom and maybe some friends as well. You can’t miss us since we usually bring pals along — you’ll see four or more dogs (including two big handsome doodles) running and having a blast along the trail!

Now back to our Good Dog life. We know we’re coming to daycare when mom says “do you want to go to school?” in the morning. Our answer is always a resounding “yes!” followed by jumping and running toward the door with tails a-wagging. It’s always a different story coming home … we look like knocked-out zombies after a full day of play!

We’ve pretty much done it all at Good Dog: boarding, daycare, grooming, and even some training with Adam. We had a few training sessions with our old foster-sis Keara, who learned a ton of basic doggie manners so she’d be prepared for her forever family. Meanwhile the two of us learned how to behave like the true gentlemen we strive to be. We love Adam … he is so good at reminding us about our training lessons when he watches over us in daycare. Although don’t tell him we told you this, but sometimes our minds just want to focus on playtime!

That’s all we have for now, and we hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about us. Next time you’re at Good Dog, be sure to peek in the observation window. If you see two twin doodles attached at the hip, you’ll know it’s us!!

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