Bring on the funny

Do you have a funny dog? We’re talking one (or more) that that has some serious stomach crunching antics, crack-you-up kind of funny, that would put cats on YouTube to shame kind of dog? Well, we’ve seen some of the funny business that happens around Good Dog Hotel’s attendees, so we’ve decided that it’s time for a competition!

Everyone LOVES funny animals, and so do we! We’ve been collecting some great videos of our pups having fun and enjoying themselves in Day Care, and now we want to give you the chance to get in on the fun!

So pull out that Flip Cam or video cam and start rolling! If you catch your dog doing something fun, funny, ornery, or cute, take a video of it and join our contest! Upload it onto YouTube or Vimeo account and send us a link to In the subject line, type ‘contest’. We’ll be featuring the videos on our site, and everyone will have a chance to vote. This contest is open to ALL Indianapolis dogs.

We must have all the videos in by May 21st. The voting will begin the last week of May and we’ll give you instructions on how to vote coming up. Follow our stream on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated and we’ll be using these streams to make your dog a star.

Our Video Challenge will run through the month of May, and we will announce the winner at the beginning of June! And just like our Halloween Costume Contest, we will have some amazing prizes!

Bring on the funny! Questions?

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