Meet Ginger!Ginger

Ginger found her forever home! Good Dog is full during the weekends in Summer, so Sam, Sammy and Michelle decided to take her home with them. They already have three dogs and hoped all would go well. Ginger had met Pinky and Valentina at Good Dog but hadn’t met old man Pops yet. Old man Pops (the oldest dog ) did the smell test, followed her around and by the end of the first night was untroubled by Gingers presence.
Throughout the weekend she began running the yard, sleeping with Sammy, giving kisses and playing. So long story short, we have decided to add Ginger to our pack!


dog adoption indianapolisMeet Rusty and Cindy. Rusty was found about 6 years ago wondering into my back door that led to my basement. I was cleaning down there and looked up to see this cute Pomeranian barking and barking at me. Then he disappeared. A few minutes later he came back and barked at me again and again then ran away. He did this about two more times! I chased him down the alley and finally got ahold of him. Good Dog put up fliers looking for his owner and kept him for several weeks. We got him neutered, vaccinated and put him up for adoption. Soon, an older gentleman was charmed by that bark that took me up those basement stairs that day and he was adopted shortly after we got Rusty fixed up.

That gentleman made us promise that if anything ever happened to him, that we would find Rusty a new forever home. In late 2015 the gentleman passed away and Good Dog went and got Rusty. Rusty again stayed with us.

Then along came Cindy who has a retired service dog. She absolutely fell in love with Rusty. She already knew in her heart that her retired service dog, CJ and Rusty would be great together. Rusty was in luck!

They get along beautifully! We are so happy for Rusty and Cindy! Another successful adoption!

Written by: M. Moser


Sarge is a beautiful Sharpei/Hound mix that was found by a very nice lady wondering through the streets. You may have seen his picture up at the front desk or seen him hanging out with the other dogs in daycare. Sarge got lots of training with our trainer here Adam and after what seemed like forever to the big guy he finally found his perfect family! With the help of one of our employees Shannon, word got around about the handsome man. After a few days of testing out the new place they decided to keep him! We are so happy for Sarge and know his new family will love as much as we do!

Pixie Lou

Pixie Lou

January 2008 a little dog was found in the street on Keystone Ave. and brought into Good Dog. Curious, an employee went into her room to see her. She peeked out of her crate at her, all eyes and ears, and Jenny, the employee, took no time getting her out to get a better look. Hesitantly she stepped out to greet her. She picked her up and petted her little head. She put her paw on her shoulder. Two days later Jenny took her home.
Wearing a collar with a broken off clip still attached to it but no tags, she assumed she must have escaped from a yard close by where she was found. Jenny made a flier and posted them around that area, checked the lost dog listings in the paper, but had no luck finding her owner. After Jenny took her to a vet she decided she didn’t want to: she had never been spayed, tested positive for whipworm and heartworm, and had severely neglected teeth. There was no question of whether Jenny would get her treated herself, she had claimed her as her own when her tiny paw landed on Jenny’s shoulder. With those big elfy ears, Jenny called her Pixie. The Lou came later.
Corny as it may sound, they saved each others’ lives. They were both heartsick. She with those infernal worms, and Jenny with grief; Jenny had just lost her Dad a few months earlier and was still trying to get back to normal. Suddenly this little creature was there, needing her. But she needed her just as much to come back to life.
Two and a half years later, she is still Jenny’s partner in crime. A little spoiled, still a little prone to run for it if she gets loose, but Jenny always brings her back and forgives her. Because she would always do the same for Jenny.


Lucy has found a new loving home with one of our current clients. They just so happened to bring their other dog, Puppy Bo Jangles, in for a grooming and saw our “New Home Needed” sign. After asking for a little information about Lucy they decided to set a date for Lucy to meet them.

Being the charmer that she is, they fell in love with Lucy right away! She is now home with them and Puppy Bo Jangles, and their two cats so she has lots of new playmates! Lucy also has a nice big backyard to play in and also can accompany her new family when they go running.

Although it was sad for Lucy’s foster family to see her go, they couldn’t be more pleased with who she went home with! We are all super happy for Lucy and her new family and we can’t wait to see her again soon!