8 Ways Dogs and Basketball Make a Great Combo

If you’re a college basketball fan, you know that March means much more than spring. It’s NCAA tournament time, and whether you’re obsessed about your bracket or just enjoy cheering for your favorite team, it’s an exciting time.

Since basketball is on everyone’s mind, the Good Dog Hotel & Spa thought it’d be fun to see what hoops and dogs have in common. We found dog names of famous basketball players, NBA stars and their pets, team mascots, and so much more. Have fun with the tournament, good luck with your bracket, and from our family to yours, happy spring!

Famous Basketball Player Dog Names

For dog owners who also have a passion for basketball, choosing a pet name after a favorite player makes perfect sense. How about Durant, Magic or Dipper? This list of male and female dog names might surprise you.

20 Pro Athletes and Celebrities that Love Their Dogs

Klay Thompson is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, and is a huge dog fan. He spends time off the court with his best friend and beloved pet, an English Bulldog named Rocco. Check out pics of him along with other famous athletes and celebrities with their dogs here.

NBA Players and Their Pets

Okay, so not everyone has dogs. And for the record, we love and adore all animals. This beautiful photo gallery captures some very, very tall NBA players and their furry friends. You’ll see Dwayne Wade, Quincy Poindexter, Carmelo Anthony and many more.

Doggy Day at Syracuse

Once a year, Syracuse University’s women’s basketball team hosts Doggy Day in the Carrier Dome, which seats 49,250 in Syracuse, New York. All well-behaved, licensed, registered plus vaccinated dogs (with proof) are welcome to join their human in watching Syracuse take on the opposing team that day. The first-ever Doggy Day was held in 2017, and has become an annual tradition. Read more about it here.

Dog Goes Rogue During Basketball Game

What happens when a dog relay race and agility course takes place on the basketball course? Let’s just say one of the “competitors” decided to go his own way. And it made for a funny moment captured on film.

Dogs Represented in NCAA Division III College Basketball Tournament

Among the schools in Division III, there aren’t many that use canine nicknames. Still, a fair amount of those schools (both men’s and women’s) made the NCAA Tournament, whether the men’s or the women’s. Check them out here.

NCAA Tournaments and Team Mascots

The writers at NCAA.com looked at all 302 schools that have played an NCAA tournament game since 1985 (the start of the tournament’s modern format), and separated their mascots into nine categories. What did they find? People are the most common mascots. Where do dogs rank? Find out here.

Dog Puts On an Electric Halftime Show

We’ve never quite seen anything like this human/dog duo. During a halftime college basketball game, this charming dog named Scooby was the perfect sidekick for a man with serious talent. And he totally stole the show.

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