8 Dog Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

These dog (and cat) love stories show the unbreakable bond that animals have with their owners, and each other – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

GDHValentinesValentine’s Day isn’t just for human couples. Our team at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa in Broad Ripple knows how much dogs and owners mean to each other – we get to see it every day.

That’s why we wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day by sharing meaningful stories about our furry friends. If you appreciate the bond that animal lovers experience with their pets as much as we do, then you’ll enjoy reading them. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Good Dog Hotel & Spa.

Rocky, Rita and the fear of water. This true story about a 65-pound Boxer and his bond with a timid and shy human named Rita examines the science behind a dog’s ability to love. While researchers might argue one way or another, this story from Modern Dog magazine is an example of a love that lasts forever.

Two strays and a miracle. This video explores the bond between two shelter dogs, and what happened when one of them was adopted and the other was left behind. Let’s just say an emotional reunion is involved.

Princess, Nate and some serious canoodling. The Best Friends Network spotlights a couple of shelter dogs that found each other against the odds and are now just like, “… an old married couple.” They’ll make you melt.

Dog lover falls for … a cat? We can’t leave our feline friends completely out of this Valentine’s Day lovefest. This story is told by a steadfast dog lover who surprisingly ends up with a short hair domestic cat named Sammie.

Bean: A special needs Bulldog. A litter of bulldogs – four out of eight with cleft palates – changed the life of this owner, who already had two dogs with special needs. This story shows how challenging experiences can become rewarding ones.

What’s it like to be a dog? If you’re in the mood for more science, check out this USA Today interview with Dr. Gregory Berns, neuroscientist and author of What It’s Like to Be a Dog. It just might confirm your suspicions that, “… yes, when our dogs bounce off the walls upon your return home, it’s not just because they really need to go to the bathroom.”

Brett Eldredge and Edgar. These photos from People Pets reflect quite a love story between country music singer and songwriter Brett Eldredge and his adorable Weizsla pup named Edgar. Get ready to swoon.

Daredevil Steve-O and his stray. When “Jackass” star Steve-O was filming abroad, he bonded with a stray dog that became his cherished traveling companion. This profile on Today details how the prankster’s love of dogs transformed his life. 

What Are Your Favorite Dog Love Stories?

Do you have any dog love stories you’d like to share for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to read about them. Whether they’re personal stories of you and your dog, or online links to awesome videos and articles, share them right here for everyone to enjoy.

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