Why Daycare for Dogs Is a Good Idea

Many benefits come from a quality doggy daycare experience, and our friend Rusty is a perfect example.


Rusty Loves Doggy Daycare

Rusty loves doggy daycare.
Rusty loves doggy daycare.

Rusty Essling is an 18-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, and has been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since August 2016. And how do we know he loves coming to daycare? Because when Rusty’s dad brings him into our facility in the morning, he rushes the whole way to the daycare door and can’t wait to come inside.We know that taking your beloved dog to daycare can be an emotional experience, and rest assured, we at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa aim to make your pet’s experience a great one. When dog owners ask us about the benefits of daycare, not only are we happy to share them, we also like to tell stories about our special visitors who know first-hand. That’s why we’re excited for you to meet Rusty Essling – a true daycare lover.

Rusty has many four-legged friends, but one of his besties is Frank, who also comes to play and board. You can tell Rusty loves to be here when he bursts into the room, eager to romp on the play equipment and run around greeting his pals. He also happens to be an incredibly smart dog – he can shake, stay and rollover (Mr. Chris discovered this when working with Rusty one day).  Rusty’s endless enthusiasm makes us all smile.


Top Daycare Benefits for Dogs

Let’s talk about the benefits of daycare that dogs like Rusty enjoy.

1. Exercise and Socialization

It’s important for dogs to play and express normal doggy behavior. Daycare gives dogs the opportunity to meet and play with both familiar and new dogs from early on, and properly socialize and interact with others. And while it certainly isn’t a substitute for walks or training, daycare keeps your pooch active and on-the-move. Playing throughout the day also helps maintain weight and muscle mass. And because dogs are social creatures, they need to be with other dogs in order to learn, be well-balanced, and learn to be a great part of your own family’s pack.

Ready to play, Rusty waits for the door at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa to open.
Ready to play, Rusty waits for the door at the Good Dog Hotel & Spa to open.

2. Expert-Supervised Playtime

While playtime is so important for dogs, owners often feel uncomfortable when monitoring play between dogs in parks and other social settings. It’s hard to know what is normal or appropriate behavior between dogs.  Our experienced staff have the training to understand dog body language, and can ensure that playtime is safe and comfortable for all.

3. Human Contact

Many owners feel guilty when they’re gone for long business days, because their dog is home and all alone for so many hours at a time without any personal interaction. Human contact is good for dogs, which is why we make sure our staff interact with our daycare visitors regularly, giving out plenty of affection along the way. Daycare provides regular opportunities for dogs to enjoy human connection, warmth and touch on a regular basis.

4. Relief from Boredom

Dogs thrive on stimulation. They’re curious creatures, and benefit from activities that are physically and mentally challenging. Bored dogs can potentially display destructive behaviors when left alone. Daycare provides plenty of stimulation throughout the day and helps channel a dog’s energy in positive ways. It stimulates the mind, improves mood and promotes your dog’s overall well-being.

What Do You Think?

We’ve shared some of the benefits of dog daycare, but we’d like to hear what you think. Have you noticed any other positive results from taking your dog to daycare? Do you have any specific stories to share? We’d love to hear them – please leave any comments below.

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