“Tough Fluff”

Hi! My name is Wilson.

I’m a 4 year old Shih Tzu Terrior mix who comes to Good Dog to play sometimes! I may look all cute and fluffy, but I am still one tough pup! My mom brings me to Good Dog so that I can run around with all of my other puppy friends! I’m pretty small, just 15lbs., but I’m a BIG GUY in the small dog play area!

I also come to Good Dog to get a spa day and have my hair cut. My mom LOVES it when I smell good and am all soft and fluffy with a Bandanna. I prefer the biker bandannas. We have a club now in Day Care for those guys who are in the same boat I am. We call it “Tough Fluff”. BOYS ONLY! Some of the girls want to join, but it’s a members only club and only boys can be as tough as me.

I used to be groomed by Jammie, but now my Groomer is Delbert. He’s cool. He’s a tough guy too so he understands how important it is for me to maintain the tough guy persona… or ‘pupsona’. He keeps me smelling fresh and clean with a fluffy coat, but with a bad boy edge that drives the ladies wild.

Some of the other guys in the Tough Fluff Club are Slash, he’s a toy poodle, but his mom gave him a really tough name! He helped me start the club. Holden is in the club too, he’s a Maltese/Yorkie. We’re currently taking applications for the Tough Fluff Club if you think your pup has what it takes!

Picture Courtesy of Mary Baraby

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