Tiki’s Story- Part 2 of 2

     The continuation of ‘Tiki’s Story’…


      Although Tiki had spent so much time at the vet, he was only in the beginning stages of his recovery. For another month or so, Michelle, and some of the staff at that time, would take turns caring for Tiki. He still could not walk due to his injury, so they would carry him around on a large, sturdy platform in order to get him around for the time being. They would carry him inside and outside several times a day, and he would just hang out with Michelle in her office in his spare time. After almost two months of not being able to walk, they knew it was time. It was time to begin teaching him how to walk again. They could see it in his eyes just how much he wanted to walk, and he was determined to become mobile again. They would encourage him to walk by crouching down a small distance away from him, and they would call him to them. Although he would cry out at times due to the pain at first, he eventually began to drag himself using his front legs. He did this for some time to get around, but over time he finally began to use his back legs again. Of course, it wasn’t perfect at first. He would keep his back legs together and he would practically hop around. This was still so, so far from where he started. He was making so much progress then one day, in the blink of an eye, he began walking on all fours. It really goes to show you that with a little hope, you can truly do anything. 


       Originally, we thought Tiki would be adopted out, but we had grown far too close to him. He was apart of our family now, and everyone had so much love for him. He was simply the one, and he’s been with us ever-since. As you can see, this was not a story that could be summoned up in just a few sentences. Did you know that in the U.S alone, approximately 1.2 million dogs are hit on the roads each year? This is a staggering, heart-breaking number. This is just another reason why Tiki’s story was so important for us to tell. It is important for us to be reminded of how much power we have to help not only people, but animals too. We love you Tiki, and we thank you for bringing so much love and laughter to our lives each and every day. You inspire us, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without you!



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