Tiki’s Story – Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Tiki, and I just started working at the Good Dog front desk. I’ve probably greeted you or your dog at the door in the last few months, and you might have noticed my underbite from the street. This is the story of how I became part of the Good Dog family.

Being a tiny dog hit by a big car was pretty scary. I’d never been afraid of cars before because I never had a reason to be. In fact, I still love to hop inside them and go for a ride. My life before my accident was pretty normal … I was a dog with a home, and I had everything I needed: food and people. (People are my favorite thing in the whole world — I love their attention. If I don’t get enough, I cry for more.) Anyway, my life was good, and I tried every day to be a very good dog.

But something happened. I somehow got lost from my home, and I couldn’t find my way back. I was lonely, scared and hungry, and all I could do was run. Running didn’t seem to help, but I kept doing it — I was hoping it would take me somewhere with food and people. I was running in the street when it happened: A big fast car struck the back side of my body.

I couldn’t move; all I could do was cry out in pain. With all my might I yelled for help, but the car kept moving and no one stopped to get out. Someone upstairs must have been watching out for me though, because a nice lady just happened to see my accident. She hopped out of her car and ran toward me, and I knew right away she was going to help. When she knelt down next to me in the street, I looked up at her with my big brown eyes and cried some more, while she whispered that everything would be OK.

She scooped me up. It hurt and I screamed, but she kept trying until she was able to put me into her car. We drove as fast as possible to the closest doctor’s office she could find. Getting out of the car was as painful as getting in, but I tried to be brave so she could carry me inside. When we met the doctor, everyone began frantically talking about my accident, and my person asked the doctor for help. She explained she didn’t have a lot of money to pay my hospital bills, but she wanted to do everything she could to keep me alive. That’s when another lady in the background interrupted and said she’d take care of everything. Like I said, someone must have been looking out for me that day.

The doctor and his helpers took me to a room with a lot of instruments, and everyone started poking and prodding at me. Even though every touch was painful, I trusted them. After all that time being lost and alone, I finally found people who wanted to help me and I didn’t want to disappoint them. Before I knew it, the doctor said my hip was fractured and gave me something that made me feel a little better (but also very, very sleepy). That’s when I feel asleep and took the longest nap I’ve even taken.

To be continued next week…

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