Three lives changed

A year after adopting our stray Buddy, his parents sent us an update on his new life.

Rudy’s First Year

When we first met Rudy (his name was Buddy at the time), it was love at first sight. He’s so incredibly sweet and immediately took to us. During his first drive home, he laid nervously on the backseat, a little anxious of the whole “moving tin can” thing and certainly scared of the open windows. He was also terrified of our staircase at first, but treat by treat, he found the way to his bed upstairs. He’s a quick learner; he nailed sit, stay, and lay down immediately. Now, he gives the best “high fives” and can finally “speak,” with bonus command “louder” … It took about four months to hear his first bark!

This spring, we bought Rudy a pass to the dog park, and his personality really shines amongst the other dogs. He loves playing chase and is happiest when sprinting directly toward us from the farthest corner of the park, usually covered in mud. He continues to work on “fetch” and usually prefers a game of keep-away first. At home, he is a lover. He loves cuddling on the couch but has been known to suddenly attack his stuffed gator from afar. Every bone or large treat he receives is painstakingly hidden before it’s enjoyed. His favorite spots are inside the couch, under his bed, and corners. We’ve even found him under our pillows a time or two!

We anxiously waited for the right time to get a dog, so when the stars aligned to adopt Rudy, we felt like we won the lottery! He is playful and affectionate, loves to make us laugh, and always greets us at the door. Rudy has brought a lot of love into our home, and he helps us to be more active. It has been a great experience watching Rudy grow and learn. You are most likely to see his smiling face at the dog park, getting pets from strangers on the Monon, or hanging out of the car window with his tongue out, on the way to visit friends.

Thank you, Good Dog Hotel, for playing matchmaker! We couldn’t be happier.
Mandi, Brendan & Rudy

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