The Great, Bouncing, Bailey Meglin

Hi there! My name is Bailey Meglin. I’m a male Goldendoodle, and I’m 4 years old. I’ve been coming to Good Dog daycare since 2006.  I love it here. I’m actually quite familiar with Good Dog. Not only do I get to play in the day care, I also stay in the hotel, AND I’m groomed here by Jammie.

I’m told that I’m a VERY bust guy!  When I’m not at Good Dog, I’m training to become a Therapy Dog.  There’s a special program where prisoners train dogs and their owners so that we can become various service dogs!

When I’m finished with my training, I’ll be able to go to the hospital with my mom to visit patients and brighten up their stay! I can’t wait!

When I’m at daycare, I’m a very sweet and affectionate guy!  I’m most famous for my kangaroo bouncing trick! I’ve been bouncing since I was a puppy and can get completely airborne! I really resemble a kangaroo when I jump, and I do this jumping trick whenever I’m excited! Everyone loves it.

In daycare, you’ll typically see me play with the big dogs since I’m a bigger dog. My best friends are Samantha, Juice and Clyde. They like my jumping tricks too. Thanks for reading my post. Come in and see my jumping tricks. If you’re ever in the hospital, I’ll come cheer you up too!

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