Summer, Summer, Summer Time

It’s that time of year again…yep, summertime…the time for the fabulous Indianapolis 500, Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July trailing its heels. Rooms for vacations are being booked all over the country for Indianapolis families looking to head out of town for vacations. And we all know that most hotels don’t welcome our pooches.

So, rather than relying on your friends to make sure your dog gets fed,played with and let out to use the facilities, give him/her a vacation too! Summer time is always fun at Good Dog Hotel! We get lots of visitors, many dogs having a blast, and we book up quickly, especially for those two holiday weekends.

A bit about how that runs: We’re closed on the actual holiday…just the front desk, but everything else runs like normal. The dogs always have such a great time and bedtime usually runs very smoothly, even when every pooch is excited.

For vacation weekends, we have a three night minimum stay with a $75 deposit. We require a seven days notice for any cancellations or changes but most of the time, things run pretty smoothly. If you’re planning on heading out and are interested in a tour, let us know. We’d love to show you around our facility and would love to meet your dog! For those of you who’ve already booked, thank you! We can’t wait to see you.


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